There is a lot I’ve been exited about and want to share. First off the NEW Rabia Ciega CD, “Soy La Ley” is out! The first CD, “Dark Latin Flavors” was released 10 years ago. I was fortunate to have a lot of placements from that collection. It continues to have a good run. “Fuerza Ciega” from that album was featured in the movie “Peppermint” in one of the coolest scenes I’ve ever had. I feel very fortunate about that 🙂 Along side my business partner Jonathan Merkel and I, via Beat Chamber Records, we were able to feature some talented people on this NEW CD: Joe Mun, Rina Cervantes and Malise. I’m hoping this CD has a fraction of the success as the first one did. Check it out!

On placement news, it has been really cool for me this past year.  I’ve had recent placements on: Predator, Peppermint, S.W.A.T., Cobra Kai, Florida Project, Dark Tower Blue Bloods and many more.