It’s been a while since I’ve posted but there is a lot of new things I want to tell you about. I’m extremely lucky and fortunate to have a song in the new “Spider Man – No Way Home” movie. The song is called “Bailando Cumbia”. Possibly the biggest box office movie release of all time. It’s remarkable to think I’m part of something that big. To close off the year I got a placement in the new Cobra Kai (season 4) on NETFLIX. S4 has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes 🙂 Please check out my other recent  placements since the last blog post in my credits section. I’m also just finished scoring a pilot for a cartoon called Cardioville that I’m really exited about. 

It’s been a crazy couple of years with this pandemic. I’ve been lucky to continue to be producing and creating music. I’ve got new material with several artists in production at the moment. I also got some new gear that very I’m exited to use for 2022. 

I can’t wait to share new music with all of you soon.